Savita Halappanavar

Over 20 vigils are taking place later today marking the anniversary of Savita tragedy.  

Commenting on the planned vigils, Cora Sherlock of the Pro Life Campaign said:

“I think it’s really sad the way abortion groups continue to exploit and misrepresent the Savita tragedy. There were no more than one or two vigils held in 2016 marking her death. Today, however, abortion campaigners have scheduled 28 vigils across the country. It’s very obvious the additional vigils are happening this year because some people have no problem with the idea of unfairly using her death to push for repeal of the 8th Amendment.

“If the main organisers of the vigils taking place today were consistent they would be organising vigils for the women who died as a direct result of the abortion procedure itself. There are numerous well documented cases where women have died after abortion but it doesn’t suit the agenda of abortion campaigners to draw attention to these awful tragedies.”

Ms Sherlock added: “Several very eminent medics have strongly disputed the claim that the 8th Amendment was the reason for Savita tragedy. They point to what the doctors who treated Savita also accept, namely that her death was due to the mismanagement of sepsis in pregnancy and not because of Ireland’s pro-life laws at the time. Appallingly, right from the very start, this tragedy has been misused and exploited for political purposes. What’s happening today is just another example of that.”