Parish Programme

Parish Programme


The Pro Life Campaign Parish Programme is an initiative to assist in restoring legal protection to unborn children and rebuilding a culture of life in Ireland. Many people are taking heart from the way the tide is turning in other countries. If we work together we can bring about positive change here in Ireland.

What’s more, women facing an unplanned pregnancy and
their unborn babies are depending on us to create a more
welcoming society where no woman is made to feel like she has no other option but to choose abortion.

Having a pro-life programme at parish level will provide a
life-affirming presence in the Parish and community as well as providing an educational opportunity on right to life issues.

The Programme

The aim of the Pro Life Campaign Parish Programme is to develop and sustain a ‘culture of life’ focus within parishes and faith communities. Working closely with the PLC, the Parish Life Ambassadors will aim to implement and deliver various pro-life initiatives relevant to their local community. These would range from organising events like coffee mornings or information meetings on themes related to the pro-life issue to distributing information packs at local level.

Life Ambassadors

The role of the Life Ambassador is to act as the volunteer
liaison point between the parish/community and the
PLC Network Team. Life Ambassadors can help raise
awareness of the pro-life issue at a local level. Our Team
will run events for and work with Ambassadors to ensure
they are up to date with ongoing initiatives and
campaigns. The aim would be for each parish/community
to have three Life Ambassadors to oversee and operate
the programme.

Get Involved

If you are interested in getting your parish and community involved, please feel free to get in touch with us by emailing or telephoning 086 8246507.

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