26.12.2014: PLC comments on today’s High Court decision

26.12.2014: PLC comments on today’s High Court decision
image showing the four courts building where the high courts are
In response to today’s High Court decision in the case of the young pregnant woman on life support, the Pro Life Campaign said that while this is an extremely tragic case, similar situations arise in other countries as well and there has to be a means of determining the best outcome for all concerned.
Commenting on the case Dr. Ruth Cullen of the Pro Life Campaign said:
“Our deepest sympathies go out to the family at the centre of this tragic case. While it is very difficult for the families concerned that cases like this sometimes end up in court, the fact is that it is a sign of a healthy democracy that life and death issues are taken seriously and appropriately determined.
“In countries where there is no protection for the unborn, disagreements sometimes emerge that have to be adjudicated on. There is nothing unique to Ireland about this case as some would try to suggest.
“It is crass and unseemly the way some people are using this sad case to push for repeal of the Eighth Amendment, which offers the only remaining legal protection for the unborn in Ireland.”