Revelations mark a definite turning point in abortion debate – Sherlock

The latest undercover video to emerge in the ongoing Planned Parenthood controversy shows the CEO of its partner company StemExpress having lunch while she discusses the harvesting of “intact fetuses” for onward sale. She laughs as she describes the need to warn her lab technicians of what she is sending them, and notes that some of researchers “freak out” or “have meltdowns” when they open the parcels containing the fully intact remains of unborn babies.

Commenting on the latest video release, Pro Life Campaign spokesperson Cora Sherlock said:

“This is the eighth video to emerge in recent weeks documenting the unbelievable disregard for women and unborn human life at the very centre of the abortion industry. It is scandalous the way Planned Parenthood and many commentators in the media are looking for any excuse to undermine the videos instead of facing up to the obscene and chilling reality of what they reveal about Planned Parenthood and its associates.

“In the latest video, Cate Dyer, CEO of StemExpress describes receiving orders from companies that say they ‘need limbs but no hands or feet need to be attached.’

“In response to this, she says ‘it’s almost like they don’t want to know where it comes from,’ and ‘make it so that we don’t know what it is.’ She then eerily concludes on the video ‘but we know what it is.’

“The horror of what she is admitting and what features on the earlier videos cannot continue to be dismissed like it is in some quarters at present.

“Planned Parenthood’s absolute disregard for unborn human life was highlighted in the other videos released recently, notably the one where an ex-employee that worked in a Planned Parenthood facility described her horror at being present when an aborted baby was dissected for the purposes of harvesting his brain, while his heart was still beating. There are no words to describe such an outrage. In this case, the ex-employee expressed regret knowing that she was the only person to hold him, and wondered what kind of person he would have grown up to be.

“So far, the liberal establishment is pretending nothing unsettling has come to light in the hope that the story will just go away. But that’s not going to happen as more and more revelations start to appear. The videos mark a definite turning point in the abortion debate that will reverberate for a long time to come. It’s time for pro-choice advocates to face up to the horrors of what has come to light about Planned Parenthood,” Ms Sherlock concluded.


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