19.09.2014: New Guidelines “reinforce obscenity of abortion law,” says Pro Life Campaign

19.09.2014: New Guidelines “reinforce obscenity of abortion law,” says Pro Life Campaign


The Pro Life Campaign said today that as a direct result of last year’s abortion law “a defenceless baby at this very moment is clinging to life in an Irish hospital.” The PLC said the Government’s guidelines on abortion issued today “reinforces the obscenity of the new law.”

Commenting on the publication of the guidelines, PLC Deputy Chairperson Cora Sherlock said:

“The law introduced last year was presented as emergency legislation needed to save women’s lives. If this were true, it wouldn’t have taken over a year for the Government to draw up the guidelines.

“The truth of course is that the legislation was never about life-saving treatments. It was always about Fine Gael capitulating to the Labour Party, who had campaigned for 20 years for an abortion regime in Ireland.”

Ms Sherlock said that “in recent days, in response to pro-life queries, Fine Gael TDs have been sending an identical circular response to constituents claiming the new law is not really about abortion at all.”

She said “pro-life people would have more respect for Fine Gael if they were open and honest about what they did. By trying to pass off the new law as a life-saving measure they are just adding insult to injury. Fine Gael has opened the door to abortion in Ireland. That’s an undeniable fact.  And they did so in the full and complete knowledge that abortion is not a treatment for suicidal feelings. Once the principle was conceded in law that it was acceptable to directly target the life of an unborn baby, it was utterly predictable that pro-abortion advocates would use this opening to push for more abortion. That’s precisely what’s happening thanks to Fine Gael breaking its pre-election promise not to legislate for abortion.

Ms Sherlock said that “as a direct result of last year’s law, there is a defenceless baby clinging to life and struggling to survive at this very moment in an Irish hospital. The Guidelines issued today reinforce the obscenity of the new law where the life of a baby can be directly ended or delivered prematurely at a stage in pregnancy that poses huge risks to the baby, all because the new law provides for such interventions without any medical evidence to back it up. This horrific reality illustrates the absurdity of the Fine Gael claim that the new law is life-affirming.”  

You can read the abortion Guidelines in full here