17.05.2017: PLC comments on BMJ survey on abortion pill usage in Ireland

17.05.2017: PLC comments on BMJ survey on abortion pill usage in Ireland




Abortion stance of survey author should be noted, says Sherlock

Commenting on the findings of a survey on abortion pill usage in Ireland which was reported in Wednesday’s newspapers, Cora Sherlock of the Pro Life Campaign said:

“Taking abortion pills is never a trivial matter. Too often it is falsely presented as ‘healthcare’ but in reality it ends the life of a child and is not a treatment for any medical condition in the mother.“Nonetheless, when this issue is discussed it is normally used as a platform for pushing for wider access to abortion and in the Irish context this means repeal of the Eighth Amendment.

“You could write the script in advance for how the discussion on this survey will develop. There will be lots of references to getting rid of the Eighth Amendment and very little discussion if any on the devastating consequences of the abortion pill for the unborn child and the potential serious mental health effects it can have on many women. The main author of the survey is a well-known campaigner for wide-ranging abortion. That should be noted in any discussion of the survey.

“I always welcome debate but in all honesty there needs to be a more robust discussion in general on the issue where both sides are challenged equally. Those pushing for abortion simply don’t get asked the hard questions. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong on this occasion but somehow I think it’s unlikely.”