17.05.2016: Pro Life Campaign welcomes drop in  number of abortions for fourteenth consecutive year

17.05.2016: Pro Life Campaign welcomes drop in  number of abortions for fourteenth consecutive year

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“Women talking about abortion regret a likely link with falling numbers” – Sherlock

The number of women travelling to Britain for abortions has decreased for the fourteenth consecutive year according to official statistics released by the British Department of Health* today.

In 2015, 3,451 women travelled from Ireland to England and Wales to have an abortion, down from 3,735 in 2014. This represents a continual decline in the numbers since 2001 when the number of Irish abortions was at 6,673.

Welcoming the reduction in the number of abortions, Cora Sherlock of the Pro Life Campaign said:

“The further decline in the number of women travelling for an abortion is a positive development, particularly when you consider the serious adverse psychological effects of abortion for many women that is swept under the carpet far too much in public debate. There is very likely a link between women who regret their abortions talking about their negative life-changing experience and the drop in the numbers opting for abortion. Pro-choice campaigners wouldn’t entertain this explanation for a second, but then they never acknowledge the heartbreaking stories of abortion regret.

“The suggestion by some that the availability of abortion pills explains the fall in the number of women travelling for abortion doesn’t add up when you factor in that the fall in the number of abortions has been happening for fourteen years straight, a period of time much longer than abortion pills have been readily available online.

“It needs to be said however that politicians and campaigners who recklessly and illegally imported abortion pills into Ireland in recent years as part of a publicity stunt have no credibility when it comes to talking about concern for women’s health in this regard. It is highly hypocritical and opportunistic to be raising concerns about accessing abortion pills online while refusing to condemn leading members of the pro-choice movement who illegally imported these drugs into Ireland, potentially putting the lives of women and babies at serious risk.

“Today’s figures also highlight why we need to continue to look at the reasons why women are resorting to the tragedy of abortion. Addressing issues like accommodation, financial assistance, childcare provision and other supports are all things that the new Government can do to help the figures fall still further and ensure that more women feel able to give birth to their baby in a society that welcomes them both.”


*Summary Abortion Statistics, England and Wales: 2015.  Full report published by British Department of Health available here