17.03.2018:  Regina Doherty’s remarks show “contempt towards voters” – PLC

17.03.2018:  Regina Doherty’s remarks show “contempt towards voters” – PLC

 Regina Doherty’s remarks show “contempt towards voters” – PLC

The Pro Life Campaign has described as “arrogant and deeply undemocratic” remarks by Social Protection Minister Regina Doherty that the repeal side she supports won’t accept a ‘No’ vote in the upcoming referendum on the Eighth Amendment. She also said that her previously held pro-life views were due to “ignorance”.

Commenting earlier, PLC spokesperson Cora Sherlock said:

“Regina Doherty’s comments are very revealing and have let slip a mindset where the democratic vote of the people is simply a formality which can be ignored if the repeal side loses. Her comments show contempt towards voters and are extraordinary from a member of government.”

She continued:

“The Minister’s assertion that her previous support for the pro-life position was due to ‘ignorance’ is an insult to the many families all over Ireland who say their children are alive thanks to the Eighth Amendment. The job of the Government is to ensure the public is informed on all aspects of the debate. This simply has not happened.

“The Government led Oireachtas committee that proposed the referendum for repeal never explored both sides of the issue fairly or showed the slightest interest or curiosity in hearing the case for keeping the Eighth Amendment. Minister Doherty gave her enthusiastic backing to this flawed process.

“She and others are all the time talking about ‘trusting women’ but if they were serious about that, they’d be encouraging real debate and not trying to reduce it to slogans that don’t give voters the full picture.

“If people end up voting No, they’ll do so for all the reasons Regina Doherty wants to pretend don’t exist, like the fact that repeal is about opening the door to abortion on demand, no matter how it is parcelled and packaged as something other than that.”