In its submission to the Citizens’ Assembly, the Pro Life Campaign said that any attempts to repeal the Eighth Amendment would strip the unborn child of all meaningful protections. 

The submission, which was made today to the Assembly, said:

“Usually, referendums add protection to human rights but repeal of the Eighth Amendment would strip the unborn of all meaningful protections.”

The Campaign also said that the experience of other countries shows that there is no such thing as restrictive abortion and they stressed the need for the Assembly to take a comprehensive look at all that’s positive about the Eighth Amendment. 

The submission quoted Mary Kenny, a young mother from Limerick saying:

“If I had listened to the pro-choice line when I discovered I was pregnant, I wouldn’t have my beautiful three-year-old daughter, Hollie.  And those pushing for repeal of the 8th Amendment would have no words to console me for the loss I’d have suffered.  I am so grateful that the 8th Amendment was there when I faced a crisis pregnancy.  I dread to think what might have happened if there had been an abortion clinic just down the road from where I live.”

The Campaign said that it looks forward to engaging with the process in the coming months.