Recently the French Parliament approved an amendment to a bioethics bill that will allow abortion up till birth where the mother is experiencing ‘psycho-social distress’. The provision was approved by 60 votes in favour to 37 votes against.
The vote on the amendment itself was controversial, as out of the 577 member national assembly, only 101 members of parliament voted. It also occurred late at night on August 1st, with only 25 hours of debate being made available for this very sensitive legislative matter.
Before the Bill can become law, France’s upper chamber must approve it, and then it will be subject to scrutiny from a parliamentary committee.
Worryingly, in addition to enabling abortion up till birth, the bill also approves of the creation of chimeras (which are animal/human hybrids) and other genetically modified embryos.
Pro-life campaigners in France have roundly critices the amendments. Alliance VITA in particular expressed concern at how the phrase ‘psycho-social distress’ is an ‘unverifiable criterion’ criterion, and will lead to abortion on demand.
Pro Life Campaign spokesperson Eilís Mulroy responded, ‘This push for increased abortion in France reveals just how fanatical abortion advocates are. Their goal is not to protect women’s health, or even a limited abortion regime, but full scale abortion on demand for any reason up till birth.’