13.08.2017: 400 botched abortions in two months at Marie Stopes clinics, according to latest damning Care Quality Commission report 

13.08.2017: 400 botched abortions in two months at Marie Stopes clinics, according to latest damning Care Quality Commission report 


“Where’s all the outrage from women’s groups at latest revelations,” asks Dr Cullen


The Care Quality Commission in England has found that nearly 400 botched abortions were performed at Marie Stopes run clinics in a two month period during January and February 2017. 

The CQC also found that over a three month period, 11 women had to be rushed to emergency departments in nearby hospitals following complications that arose during abortion procedures at a number of Marie Stopes clinics. And the report reveals that in some cases consent for carrying out abortions was obtained from women only after the pregnancies had been terminated.

The most recent inspection of Marie Stopes clinics was headed by chief inspector of hospitals in the UK, Professor Sir Mike Richards. It follows another highly critical report last December over serious health and safety failings at Marie Stopes clinics as well as the enforced temporary suspension of all terminations last August at the Marie Stopes clinic in Norwich, following similar serious health and safety breaches.

Commenting on the latest damning report, Dr Ruth Cullen of the Pro Life Campaign said: “These latest findings clearly show that Marie Stopes run clinics are putting women’s lives at serious risk. We’re not talking about a small number of easy to rectify breaches but rather a catalogue of extremely serious health and safety violations over a very long period of time. 

“People on all sides of the abortion debate should be calling for the urgent suspension of all abortion services at Marie Stopes clinics following this latest damning report. 

“I have to ask, where is all the outrage from pro-choice women’s groups about these latest revelations? Closing ranks in an attempt to avoid negative publicity seems more of a priority for some than informing women about the very real threats to their health and lives. A similar approach was adopted by pro-choice groups in 2012 after a woman from Ireland died immediately after undergoing an abortion at a Marie Stopes clinic in London. Pro-choice groups have always been in denial about what happens to unborn babies in Marie Stopes run clinics but sadly it can now also be said they are in denial about the appalling treatment of women in these same clinics. 

“Women have been kept in the dark for far too long about the standards of care at Marie Stopes clinics. This latest scandal reveals the lengths some are prepared to go to in order to give protective cover to the abortion industry. 

“Pro-choice groups are totally preoccupied at present with attacking Ireland’s life-saving 8th Amendment, which protects pregnant women and their unborn babies. It’s time these campaigners acknowledged where the real threat to the right to life is coming from and faced up to what the latest Marie Stopes scandal has brought to light.”