11.12.2020 Newstalk’s deep-seated bias on full display again

11.12.2020 Newstalk’s deep-seated bias on full display again

Yesterday, Newstalk featured several interviews on repeal of the Eighth Amendment as part of its series ‘20 Most Influential Moments of the Last 20 Years’.

You won’t be surprised to hear that they devoted 28.5 minutes over the course of the day to interviewing supporters of abortion and gave just under 5 minutes to the pro-life side!

While it’s true to type for Newstalk and RTÉ to indulge in such biased coverage on abortion, it doesn’t mean we should sit back and accept it.

There has been an over 60 per cent increase in the number of abortions since repeal and as we know from the recent UCC study, babies that survive late-term abortions are being left to die unaided. And yet, despite all this Newstalk happily devotes an entire day to propagandising about how wonderful repeal has been, while doing everything in its power to gloss over the horrors happening under the new abortion regime they celebrate.

Eilís Mulroy of the Pro Life Campaign made some excellent points yesterday morning in her brief interview on Newstalk, despite the constant interruptions, selective use of statistics and refusal of presenter Ciara Kelly to fairly engage on the issues.

We will continue to take every opportunity to publicly highlight the injustice of our abortion law, but we also need to unite together in addressing the state of public discourse in Ireland, where campaigners are masquerading as journalists while the public are being kept in the dark about the truth of what is going on.

You can listen to the short interview by clicking here.

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