09.09.2015: Leading US Congressman to address Pro Life Campaign Conference

09.09.2015: Leading US Congressman to address Pro Life Campaign Conference

chris smith

The Pro Life Campaign’s National Conference for 2015 takes place tomorrow, Saturday 10th October in the RDS, Dublin. This year’s keynote speaker will be Chris Smith, the highly respected Congressman from the United States.

Commenting on this year’s conference, PLC spokesperson Dr. Ruth Cullen said: “Tomorrow’s conference is taking place at a very significant time. There have been other critical moments in the past few years for the pro-life movement but with a General Election just around the corner and a major push on to repeal the 8th Amendment, we need to take this opportunity to regroup and unite for the important work in the months ahead.”

Dr. Cullen said the PLC is “delighted to welcome US Congressman Chris Smith as our keynote speaker. More than any other member of Congress, Mr. Smith has helped revive the pro-life movement in the US. He is also playing a central role at present in holding Planned Parenthood to account regarding the latest scandal involving that organisation.”

Other guest speakers at the conference include Ade Stack, founder of Hugh’s House in Dublin, which operates as a home from home for families of babies with life-limiting conditions. Dr. Cullen said: “Hugh’s House is one of the great stories of 2015 that needs to be celebrated and spoken about. Ade has done something inspirational in opening Hugh’s House, which is named after her son who lived for only a short time after birth. When certain politicians are spending their time pushing for abortion in situations where babies have life-limiting conditions, Ade on the other hand has done something truly remarkable and life-affirming in opening Hugh’s House. It will be wonderful to hear her story first hand at the conference.”

“All in all, there is an excellent line-up of speakers. It’s a really important event so we are hoping for a big crowd. The push at present for repeal of the 8th Amendment is largely media driven. But when the public are given an opportunity to hear the positive case for the 8th Amendment, the false perception being created by the pro-choice side will start to dissipate. The theme of this year’s conference is all about how we face the challenge to save the 8th Amendment.”