09.06.2014: 50% of aborted Down’s Syndrome babies missing from official records

09.06.2014: 50% of aborted Down’s Syndrome babies missing from official records

PLC calls revelation “truly shameful”

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Responding to reports from Britain today revealing that 50% of all babies aborted because they have Down’s Syndrome are missing from official records, the Pro Life Campaign has said these babies are not just missing from records, they are missing from British society.

Of 994 abortions carried out because the unborn baby was diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome in England and Wales in 2012, only 496 of these had been notified to the British Department of Health. 11 of the abortions that were not recorded were carried out after 24 weeks gestation – the time after which a baby can survive outside the womb.

PLC Education Officer Dr Ruth Cullen remarked:

“This story highlights in a very stark way the total disregard for human life that exists once abortion becomes legal. Abortion is legal in Britain, up to birth, in situations where a baby is diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome.

Dr Cullen said “it is rank hypocrisy for Governments that tolerate such laws to be parading themselves as defenders of human rights while at the same time justifying the killing of unborn babies with special needs instead of creating a more welcoming society for children and families in these situations.

“It is a truly shameful indictment of the law that 92% of babies with Down’s are aborted in Britain. That the figures have been under-recorded highlights the fact that the abortion industry seeks to understate the number of eugenic and late-term abortions.”

“And the fact that politicians and most of the media run a mile from debating this reality of the abortion industry makes it all the sadder,” Dr. Cullen concluded.

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