07.10.2016: Irish Times poll on abortion “reassuring”, says PLC

07.10.2016: Irish Times poll on abortion “reassuring”, says PLC


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As public get full story, more and more people will become vocal about protecting 8th Amendment – Cullen

The Pro Life Campaign has said it is reassured by the Irish Times’ opinion poll on abortion published today. Commenting on the findings, Dr Ruth Cullen of the PLC said:

“The poll clearly shows that 73% of respondents do not want unrestricted access to abortion in Ireland, along the lines of what the ‘Repeal’ campaign is looking for.”

The poll also reveals that 55% of respondents support limited access to abortion.

Dr Cullen said: “The overall findings of the poll are reassuring from a pro-life standpoint. The ‘Repeal’ campaign are looking for unrestricted access to abortion. This poll shows very clearly the public do not support such a regime being introduced.

“We are very confident that support for keeping the Eighth Amendment will grow and grow as people realise the international experience shows there is no such thing as limited abortion once it is introduced. The reality is, when the right to life is taken away from some unborn children, it quickly leads to other grounds and categories being included. It is very clear from today’s poll the Irish public don’t want to see that happening.”