“Amnesty ignores horrific human rights abuses of abortion industry” – Slattery

The Pro Life Campaign has said that today’s demonstration in Dublin by Amnesty Ireland “is a further sad reminder that the organisation has drifted very far from its founding principles and is now a de facto abortion lobby group.”

The demonstration outside Government Buildings calling for repeal of the 8th Amendment included delegates from various countries attending Amnesty’s International Council Meeting in Dublin later this week.

Commenting on today’s protest, Sinead Slattery of the Pro Life Campaign said: “Amnesty Ireland completely blanks aspects of the debate that show the abortion industry in a poor light. They constantly berate Ireland over its abortion laws but refuse to condemn horrific human rights abuses like the situation in places like Britain and Canada where babies that survive botched abortions are routinely left in the corners of hospitals to die alone without receiving any medical attention. Amnesty has no credibility reprimanding others on abortion while it refuses to intervene and do something about these barbaric practices happening in the name of ‘choice’.

“Amnesty’s spokespeople are happy to criticise the laws in this country but they refuse to acknowledge that there are tens of thousands of people alive in Ireland today because of the Life Equality Amendment (8th Amendment) introduced in 1983. Some of our most active supporters considered abortion at some point themselves but changed their mind at the last minute and today cannot believe that they ever contemplated ending the life of their child. There is nothing in Amnesty’s campaign that takes account of these realities or the fact that many women deeply regret the decision they made to abort their child.

She continued:

“In the past few weeks too, we have seen how Amnesty has turned a blind eye to the international debate over the videos emerging from an undercover investigation into Planned Parenthood clinics in the United States. Despite the horror of what has come to light regarding the harvesting and sale of the body parts of unborn children, Amnesty has not added its voice to those expressing outrage at these blatant human rights abuses. This is no way for an organisation that wants to be taken seriously as a human rights defender to behave. It is a further, sad reminder that Amnesty has drifted very far from its founding principles and is now a de facto abortion lobby group.”