06.11.2018: Statement from Pro Life Campaign on Fianna Fáil

From January, any doctor who refuses to oversee an abortion taking place will be breaking the law and is likely to have their licence to practice medicine revoked.

As the main opposition party, Fianna Fáil could easily have pressured the Government to concede to proper freedom of conscience protections for doctors and other reasonable amendments that would have saved some lives. But they decided to placate their friends in the media rather than respect their voters.

Any party that isn’t even prepared to back moderate amendments to such an extreme and barbaric abortion bill doesn’t deserve a single pro-life vote in the next general election.

1 in 3 people voted No in the referendum. Fianna Fáil expect us to vote for them and look for nothing in return. That cannot happen.

Aside from one or two notable exceptions, the Pro Life Campaign will encourage its supporters not to vote for Fianna Fáil in the next election.

For as long as our votes are taken for granted, we will resolutely hold to this position.