PLC: Government proposal will be presented as “progressive” but every abortion ends a human life
The Pro Life Campaign has said that the release the Government’s wording this week for a referendum on the Eighth Amendment will be presented as something very different to the reality of what an abortion regime would produce.

Pro Life Campaign spokesperson, Katie Fenton said: “This week the Government will be entirely preoccupied with removing the right to life and the introduction of abortion. They will hail opening the door to wide-ranging abortion as something progressive, long overdue and enlightened.

“But when you look behind the presentation and spin, at the culmination of every abortion is the ending of a new and unique human life.

Ms Katie Fenton continued:

“Despite the fact that abortion has been at the top of the Government’s agenda for over a year through the Citizens’ Assembly and Oireachtas hearings, not a single hour was spent looking at positive alternatives to abortion, the reasons why women have abortions and how they could be better supported to help them keep their babies.

“This week, the politicians who have facilitated a year of one-sided discussion on the issue will unveil their referendum proposal. But just as they prepare to do so, the public is also wakening up to the horrifying reality of what repeal of the Eighth Amendment would actually involve.”