It has been a huge undertaking compiling information on thousands of candidates for the Pro Life Campaign ‘Voter Guide’. We used multiple sources including prior voting records, social media and media commentary, and consulting with pro-life volunteers at constituency level. We have taken great care to accurately reflect the positions of candidates. Based on ongoing feedback received, we corrected any inaccuracies where they arose.

Based on our research, the candidates deserving our support are from pro-life parties, pro-life Independents and a small number of candidates from the main political parties who deserve our backing – candidates who have consistently taken a strong pro-life stance and stood up to their party leaders on the issue. But aside from these obvious exceptions, it is not possible for us to recommend candidates from the main political parties on this occasion. The fact that these parties even refused to concede to pain relief being administered to unborn babies during late term abortions cannot be glossed over or explained away.

After voting for pro-life candidates, we encourage you to use your additional preferences wisely to help ensure that the most aggressive pro-abortion campaigners do not get elected. The proportional representational (PR) system that exists in Ireland allows us to vote for the candidates we most want to see elected (pro-life candidates) and tactically vote against candidates we least want to see elected (pro-abortion candidates). That’s the sole reason why we provide additional information on this website about candidates other than those who are listed as pro-life.

By voting No 1. for the candidate you most want to see elected and then voting down the ballot paper to the candidate you least want to succeed, you ensure the best possible outcome in the election for the pro-life issue.