16.07.2021 – New study: Pro-life laws save lives

16.07.2021 – New study: Pro-life laws save lives

Research authored by a team of researchers at the University of California San Francisco has found that abortion rates in areas where women live close to an abortion facility is approximately five times higher than abortion rates where the nearest abortion facility is a few hundred kilometres away.

The study analysed abortion data from 27 states in the US to determine the affect distance from an abortion facility has on abortion rates. The research which took account of other factors (demographic, economic etc) adds to the considerable body of academic research that reached the same conclusion, including research showing that abortion facility closures reduces the incidence of abortion.

It proves that pro-life efforts to prohibit abortion and close abortion facilities saves lives. We know for certain that the non-availability of abortion under the Eighth Amendment saved hundreds of thousands of lives and that the introduction of abortion here in 2019 has led to a 70% increase in abortions.

The latest research from the University of California will assist our ongoing efforts in Ireland, in stopping the expansion of abortion provision and in challenging government policy in this area.

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