15.04.2021 – Latvian Parliament votes against Euthanasia

15.04.2021 – Latvian Parliament votes against Euthanasia

The Latvian Parliament has voted down a petition that called for the legalisation of euthanasia.

The parliament voted 49 to 38 against legalising euthanasia after a citizens’ initiative submitted 10,000 signatures in support of assisted suicide/euthanasia.

During the debate, Dr Vitālijs Orlovs (member of parliament) said: “I understand what the initiative is about, but I was taught to fight for patients’ lives to the end. I cannot imagine injecting a person with some substance to help them die — not for any amount of money.” Several members of parliament also availed of the opportunity during the debate to discuss improving end of life care more generally for Latvians.

The result in Latvia should give hope to other countries including Ireland.

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