08.04.2021 – Andrea’s amazing abortion pill reversal story

08.04.2021 – Andrea’s amazing abortion pill reversal story

At 21, Andrea became pregnant. She was at college, in a rocky relationship and felt pressured into taking the abortion pill. After taking the pill to end the life of her baby, she immediately regretted the decision and in desperation set about searching for a way to undo its effect. Eventually a family member found the contact number for a doctor who assisted women in ‘abortion pill reversal’. Thankfully in Andrea’s case, there was still time to save her baby and avoid the nightmare of abortion. Her story is one of hundreds that have come to light in recent years of women wanting to undo the effect of the abortion pill, yet pro-abortion activists continue to do everything in their power to tarnish and thwart efforts to simply inform women that the possibility of abortion pill reversal exists.

There’s absolutely nothing ‘pro-choice’ about the way these media commentators and campaigners are behaving. In their eyes, all roads lead to abortion and anything that stands in the way must be denounced and demonised. To them, the term pro-choice is nothing more than a convenient slogan to hide their extremism. And that’s how it has always been.

Click here to watch the Live Action video about Andrea’s story.

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