Melissa Ohden, founder of The Abortion Survivors Network, recently hosted a weekend get-together for people who like herself survived the abortion procedure and lived to tell their remarkable stories. The event which took place in Texas was an emotional rollercoaster for all attendees who feel fortunate to be alive and are ever mindful that they came very close to never breathing their first breath.

Melissa, who is known to many pro-life volunteers in Ireland from her trips here has in recent years been reaching out to fellow abortion survivors from around the world to share their stories and be there for one another. After Melissa survived her abortion, she was left to die alone in a corner until a nurse intervened and saved her life. To think that babies are left to die in this way is a damning indictment of legal abortion and the culture that supports it. We know that cases like this have arisen in Ireland since the new law took effect, even though government ministers promised the electorate it would never happen, and in the Dáil former Fine Gael TD Kate O’Connell disrespectfully described these cases as “fairytales”.

The recent weekend get-together of abortion survivors in Texas is just a start, with hopefully many more similar events taking place as part of the ongoing mission of The Abortion Survivors Network.

You can read more about the Abortion Survivors Network here