05.02.2021 – Is Croatia about to outlaw abortion?

05.02.2021 – Is Croatia about to outlaw abortion?

A number of senior politicians in Croatia are currently gathering the signatures of colleagues to pass a law that would effectively outlaw abortion in the country.

At present in Croatia the law permits abortion up until 10 weeks’ gestation and also allows abortion at later stages in pregnancy under certain circumstances.

The latest move in gathering signatures, if successful, would prohibit abortion in the country, while explicitly safeguarding all necessary medical interventions in pregnancy to save the life of the mother.

There is considerable support in Croatia for this latest pro-life effort which is being led by members of the Croatian parliament like Hrvoje Zekanović.

It will be worth keeping an eye on the progress of these efforts in the coming weeks and months. It is an encouraging sign to see senior politicians in a growing number of countries introducing bills and petitions to reinstate legal protection for unborn babies, side by side with proposals to put additional supports in place of offer women and families real and positive alternatives to abortion. It is also encouraging to see the public backing for such moves highlighted in some polls.