04.03.2021 – 100% increase in ambulance call-outs in Wales for women taking ‘at home’ abortion pills

04.03.2021 – 100% increase in ambulance call-outs in Wales for women taking ‘at home’ abortion pills

A member of the Welsh Assembly (Senedd Cymru) said this week that government approved ‘at home abortions’ during COVID-19 are putting women’s lives at risk.

Darren Millar, MS for Clwyd West made his remarks after a Freedom of Information request, he submitted showed that there has been a 100 percent increase in ambulance call-outs to people who have taken abortion pills at home since the new regulations came into force in 2020.

Mr Millar has called for more information to be published on the impact of people taking abortion pills at home. In a statement earlier this week he said:  “Last year, there was a doubling of the numbers of call-outs to 999 for the ambulance service and a doubling of the number of ambulances that had to be despatched to women who had taken abortion medication at home.”

He continued: “I am very concerned about the increased call-outs to the ambulance service, the lack of medical supervision that these women experience and the fact that there are no safeguards to ensure that these women are not being coerced by controlling and abusive partners into taking these pills. From the moment these changes were first introduced, I warned it was a bad move and would put women at risk. For the Welsh Government to even be considering making them permanent is both shocking and irresponsible.”

Last year in England two women died after taking abortion pills at home, after the government there approved the practice of ‘DIY’ abortions during the COVID-19 crisis.

In an equally reckless move, the Irish Government also gave the green light to home abortions in 2020 despite the fact it potentially puts women’s lives at risk.

Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly has been challenged in the Dáil on the matter by pro-life TDs on several occasions but has refused to properly answer their questions or give assurances that the practice will end when the COVID-19 crisis comes to an end.

It is vital that the pro-life movement continues to keep the pressure on to ensure this life endangering practice is ended as soon as possible. The ongoing defence of home abortions by politicians and media commentators alike reveals a remarkable disregard for women’s health and the lives of unborn babies.