Yesterday, the United States Supreme Court listened to oral arguments in the cases FDA v. Alliance Hippocratic Medicine and Danco Laboratories, L.L.C. v. Alliance Hippocratic Medicine.

The Food and Drug Administration is facing legal action due to its negligent and politically motivated approval of the hazardous chemical abortion pill. Since its approval, the FDA has systematically abandoned vital safeguards for women using this drug. This case offers the Court an opportunity to safeguard women and their infants from the dangers associated with the abortion pill.

Throughout the proceedings, the FDA’s indifference towards the health and safety of women was evident. When confronted with the undeniable 500% surge in emergency room visits linked to chemical abortion pills, Elizabeth B. Prelogar, Solicitor General of the US (appointed by Joe Biden), downplayed the significance of such incidents, failing to acknowledge the alarming trend.

Justice Roberts questioned whether there was a threshold at which the FDA would reconsider its stance, to which Ms. Prelogar struggled to provide a satisfactory response.

Justice Alito inquired about the possibility of legal recourse against the FDA’s actions. Ms Prelogar’s response suggested a sense of impunity.

Justice Alito pressed Jessica L. Ellsworth, representing Danco Laboratories, on the financial implications of the case. Ellsworth evaded direct inquiries regarding financial gains, implying that the company stands to benefit from relaxed restrictions.

Due to lenient requirements that eliminate the need for in-person medical visits, Erin M. Hawley, representing pro-life advocates, highlighted how emergency rooms are now serving as follow-up locations. This places pro-life emergency room physicians in a challenging position, as their moral or religious beliefs conflict with involvement in abortion procedures.

The retraction of research papers supporting the facts surrounding the FDA lawsuit, allegedly due to political pressure, further underscores the political nature of the case. Despite the scientific integrity of the research, Sage Publications withdrew the papers at the request of a pro-abortion individual. This move was perceived as an attempt to undermine the pro-life stance before the Supreme Court.

In summary, the oral arguments exposed the FDA and Danco Laboratories’ disregard for women’s safety and well-being, as well as their lack of concern for the lives affected by their actions.