Irish pro-life doctor, Dr Dermot Kearney, has been awarded a major pro-life award by the organisation Heartbeat International at its annual conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Navan man who works in northeast England received the Servant Leader Award due to his advocacy and work on dispensing the abortion reversal pill. His work, along with the work of other UK-based providers of the abortion reversal pill, has saved 61 babies to date. Dr Kearney previously addressed the Pro Life Campaign’s national conference as keynote speaker in 2022.

Speaking at the award ceremony, Dr Kearney said: “Never, ever get tired of doing what is right. It can be discouraging. There will be opposition. Sometimes you’ll fall and fail, but just get back up and never, ever get tired of doing what is right.”

Dr Kearney was put through the wringer by the General Medical Council, which launched an investigation into him based on alleged ‘professional misconduct’ due to his support for the life-saving abortion reversal pill. He noted, “I’m the first doctor in history, I think, to be banned from saving lives.” In February 2022, all charges were dropped before he was scheduled to make an appeal on the grounds that “there was no prospect of obtaining any evidence to support the allegations of professional misconduct.”

Dr Kearney’s important work has saved many lives and the Pro Life Campaign and all his friends in Ireland wish him well.