12.12.2012: Unite For Life Pro-Life Vigil, 19th January 2013

12.12.2012: Unite For Life Pro-Life Vigil, 19th January 2013

Ireland is on the brink of legalising abortion. The Government says it plans to legislate early in 2013, and abortions will then be carried out in Ireland for the first time. This is a truly chilling prospect. Unborn babies and their mothers need us to speak up for them at this critical time.

That’s why we’re asking YOU to join with thousands of others at the Unite For Life Vigil on January 19th, at Merrion Square in Dublin.

We all agree that pregnant women should receive all treatments necessary to safeguard their lives. However, those pushing for abortion are dishonestly blurring the distinction between necessary medical treatments and abortion.

Ireland, without abortion, is a world leader in safety for pregnant women. Yet, right now, we are closer to abortion here than ever before.

It is a defining moment for our country. Will YOU stand united to be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves?  Can we count on you being there on the day? Your presence is vital. The situation could not be more grave.

Transport to the vigil is being organised locally. For further information, please visit the ‘Vigil for Life’ facebook page, the Vigil website www.unite4life.net, contact Denise by telephone on 087 266 8702 or by email denise@prolifecampaign.ie

Posters will be provided on the day.   We look forward to seeing you there!