The Department of Health has today released the total number of notifications received in 2022 of terminations carried out. This shows that there were at least 8,156 terminations last year in the Republic of Ireland – the highest number of notifications yet on record. Responding to the news, Pro Life Campaign spokesperson Eilís Mulroy said:

“The figures released by the Department of Health today show that last year’s abortion numbers are the highest on record. It means that in 2022 for every seven babies born, one was aborted. It shows how the Irish abortion rate has dramatically jumped, as the result of a government which has shown a complete lack of interest in providing women in unplanned pregnancies with real alternatives to abortion. Politicians’ only focus now should be on reducing the numbers, not on making the abortion regime even more pervasive.

“Last year, the Department of Health acknowledged there was a discrepancy with the 2021 figures, with the number of notifications (4,577) contrasting with the number of payments made to doctors for performing abortions (approximately 6,700). This was blamed on Covid-19 and the HSE cyber-attack. However, the same trend of babies being aborted without being notified to the Department of Health could well have occurred in 2022, as a parliamentary question reply to Deputy Carol Nolan showed there were 8,876 claims paid in 2022 to doctors.* This may indicate the true abortion rate is closer to 9,000 in 2022.

“Even the Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, in recent days has spoken of his concern with the exploding abortion rate. Recent proposals contained in a Bill which passed second stage of the Dáil to expand the abortion law (including permitting late-term abortions for any reason until ‘viability’) would undoubtedly see the abortion rate climb even higher. If Mr Varadkar is serious about seeing a decrease in the abortion rate, he urgently needs to focus on providing women in unplanned pregnancies with greater supports and alternatives to abortion. He must also engage with and listen to pro-life perspectives, instead of relying exclusively on abortion advocates in setting policy in this area.”


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*PQ: 21931/23.