4.8.23 – LifeLines Tour – a great success!

4.8.23 – LifeLines Tour – a great success!

The LifeLines Tour that visited the counties of Cavan, Donegal and Sligo over the past week was a great success.

Since the abortion referendum in 2018, there’s been very little visible pro-life activism on the ground. That’s not to take away from the wonderful individual pro-life efforts that have continued at a local level. But in a coordinated way, there hasn’t been much on the street outreach to the public in recent years.

That’s why it was so great to see young people going door-to-door again in the North West of the country, fearlessly spreading the pro-life message. As the photos from the tour show, the participants had a terrific time as they went from town to town leafleting and engaging with people one on one.

It’s been very encouraging watching the big numbers turning out to pro-life marches and rallies in recent times. But it’s also critically important that we confidently and unapologetically take the pro-life message to every street and hamlet of the country.

It’s a privilege to be part of a movement where doing something as simple as putting a leaflet through a letterbox can have the profound impact of saving a life that might otherwise have been aborted. It’s clear from talking to the LifeLines team that they appreciated this point and understood the positive impact their efforts could have. They also discovered on the tour that the public is much more receptive to hearing what the pro-life side has to say about the new abortion law than the media would have us believe.

So let’s take encouragement from what these young ambassadors for life achieved over this past week. A big thank you to everyone who hosted, fed and welcomed LifeLines to your area. And a very special word of thanks to the members of the LifeLines team themselves who participated in this year’s tour. You are an amazing group! Sacrificing a chunk of your summer holidays to witness to the cause of life is a noble and commendable thing to do. You can be justifiably proud of the hope and encouragement you have given to others to follow in your footsteps.