“When people realise the Bill permits abortion on request up to birth they will be disgusted” – Mulroy

The Pro Life Campaign has described as “very disappointing” the result of this evening’s vote in the Dáil in favour of Bríd Smith’s abortion bill, which if passed at final stage in the Dáil would permit abortion on request up to birth among other things. The vote in favour of her bill moving to committee stage passed by 67 votes to 64 with 8 abstentions.

Commenting on the result, Eilis Mulroy of the Pro Life Campaign said:

“This evening’s result is very disappointing. It means that if the bill passes the final stage vote at some point in the future, it will permit abortion on request in Ireland right up to birth. I’m confident when members of the public realise this, they will be disgusted. It is a bill that shows zero respect for the rights of unborn babies. Many of those who voted in favour of this evening’s bill voted against a bill in the Dáil less than two years ago that would have allowed humanitarian pain relief to be given to unborn babies prior to late term abortions. There really are no words to describe how cold and uncaring some members of the Dáil have become when it concerns the issue of protecting defenceless and innocent unborn babies. When the people voted to repeal the Eighth Amendment in the 2018 referendum, they certainly didn’t vote for abortion on request throughout the entire nine months of pregnancy.

“I’ve no doubt tonight’s vote will prompt many people to rethink their stance on the issue and join us in trying to bring some balance and humanity back to the debate. The Pro Life Campaign will work day and night to ensure this bill progresses no further. Abortion is guaranteed to be a major election issue and we will do everything in our power to ensure more pro-life TDs are elected to the Dáil to challenge the madness and hardened stances that have currently taken hold. We thank all 64 TDs who voted against this evening’s bill voting to protect human life.”