On Tuesday, the Pro Life Campaign launched a report Ireland’s Abortion Law: End the Silence and published findings of recently commissioned polls which show 89% of people support women being informed about alternatives before proceeding with an abortion, while 77% of the public back the abortion law being amended to ensure that babies who survive the abortion procedure are given medical care.

The PLC held Tuesday’s launch in anticipation of the Government’s upcoming three-year review of the abortion law. The review of the law is an extremely important opportunity for pro-life supporters to highlight and push for positive changes.

We are encouraging every pro-life activist to contact their local TDs and call on them to speak up for the proposals we’re putting forward which enjoy widespread public support as shown in the poll results. We’ve presented a comprehensive case in the document Ireland’s Abortion Law: End the Silence and urge everyone to read it before contacting their TDs.

We must remind politicians that the hundreds of thousands of voters who voted NO deserve to have their voices heard.

Sign Up here today to be part of this initiative and we’ll be in touch with you with more information and resources for contacting your TDs.

To read the PLC press statement from Tuesday’s launch click here

To watch the video of the launch, click here