Take part in the Government Consultation on the Three Year Review


Take a few moments to read the recommendations on our Three Year Review document here and then make your own submission to the Three Year Review here

This is an incredibly important opportunity.

Remember, even the smallest effort will make a big difference.

We must use it to get our pro-life voices heard.

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Reasons To Get Involved Now

The Three Year Review presents us with an opportunity to encourage our public representatives to take an honest look at
the brutal reality of how the abortion law is operating in practice.

The media silence surrounding the devastating impact of Ireland’s abortion law must end.

In the first two years since the law took effect, 13,243 legal abortions were performed. That is a 70% increase in abortion in just two years. This is a far cry from the promise that abortion would be ‘rare’ in the event of the referendum being passed.

The fast-track system for accessing abortion betrays women. The negative after-effects of abortion are not explained. Positive alternatives are not explored. Women deserve better than this. There is a deliberate policy to keep us in the dark. Comprehensive data is not kept. Minimal information is made available only once a year.

Most of the information we have has come to light through parliamentary questions from pro-life TDs – such as information about babies surviving abortion and the hundreds of women who changed their minds during the three-day waiting period.

Please help us by asking our politicians to consider the recommendations contained in our report which include:

    • A commitment to highlight positive alternatives to abortion, 
    • Giving pain relief to babies in late term abortion, 
    • Giving medical care to babies who survive abortion. 
    • Defending freedom of conscience for doctors and healthcare workers and much more.

How Can You Help?

Send an Instant Message to your local TDs Now about Ending the Silence.

We will then be in touch with you with further information on the best ways of doing this.

Please feel free to select more than one option.

We must remind politicians that the hundreds of thousands of voters who voted NO matter and deserve to have their voices heard.

Ask your local politicians to read the report, especially its recommendations (offer to have it sent to him/her again if they don’t have it) and ask them to take steps to make the law more humane.

Download the Report Here