24.04.2023 – Thousands to gather at March For Life on Bank Holiday Monday in response to extreme recommendations contained in abortion review

24.04.2023 – Thousands to gather at March For Life on Bank Holiday Monday in response to extreme recommendations contained in abortion review

Robust pushback against any further widening of abortion law expected

The Pro Life Campaign has organised a March For Life in Dublin, bringing together pro-life supporters from across Ireland, on Bank Holiday Monday, 1st May, at 2pm marching from St. Stephen’s Green to Leinster House.

Speaking ahead of the event and explaining why it’s happening, Pro Life Campaign spokesperson Eilís Mulroy said:

“In early April Minister Donnelly announced that 8,500 abortions were carried out in Ireland last year. This is the highest number on record and is a truly harrowing figure, representing one baby being aborted for every seven babies being born. Last week, some extreme recommendations seeking to further widen the abortion law were reported as being contained in the Three Year Review of the abortion law.  These changes – if they were to be implemented –  would see even more abortions happening in Ireland.  With proposals to decriminalise abortion, extend the 12 week limit, remove the three day period of reflection for women among others, it’s clear that the Government has no interest in tackling the massive abortion numbers, supporting women with positive alternatives to abortion or dealing with the horrendous impact of the abortion law. Pro-life advocates from across Ireland will gather at the March For Life on Bank Holiday Monday to start the pushback against these extreme measures and to call for positive supports for women in unplanned pregnancy.

She continued:

“More than 1 in 3 voters voted no to retain Ireland’s pro-life laws in the 2018 referendum. The abortion review has deliberately ignored the views of pro-life citizens at every step of this process. In addition, it has failed to consult with women who regret their abortions, or women who availed of the three day period of reflection and had their babies.  In contrast, even the most radical wings of the pro-abortion movement have been listened to and has gained unprecedented levels of access to the government decision-making process.

“The March For Life will hear from a number of speakers who will address these failings of government and the event will be the starting point of a political campaign to make change. Speakers will include Dr Kirsten Fuller who will speak about the challenges facing pro-life doctors and the importance of upholding conscientious objection.   Amrita Kaur will share her experience of facing an unplanned pregnancy and taking an abortion pill prescribed by BPAS in England. Following a change of mind, she received abortion pill reversal medication and thankfully, her son is alive today and healthy following this episode. Ms Kaur will speak in Ireland for the first time, sharing her positive experience of the abortion pill reversal.  Peadar Tóibín, TD and Leader of Aontú will speak on the importance of politics in determining the future of abortion policy and the need for more pro-life TDs.

“We urge everyone who supports the pro-life cause to come to Dublin for the March for Life on the 1st May bank holiday to speak up strongly against the abortion review recommendations and on behalf of mothers and babies.

The March For Life will include family friendly activities and will commence on St. Stephen’s Green South (outside Newman University Church) at 2pm. For more information see www.marchforlife.ie