21st March marks World Down Syndrome Day. In a statement, Pro Life Campaign spokesperson, Eilís Mulroy, said:

“World Down Syndrome Day is a wonderful celebration of the tremendous achievements of those with Down Syndrome in society. People with Down Syndrome must be cherished from the earliest moments of life until their natural deaths. They must be given opportunities to live full and rich lives. To achieve a more equal society, we must continue to recognise the inbuilt problems with Ireland’s abortion regime which discriminates against the most vulnerable members of society.”

“Professed support in some quarters for people for disabilities like Down Syndrome is somewhat shallow considering the significant recent push to allow disability-selective abortion. This was most recently evident in the publicised claim that 95% of babies diagnosed with Down Syndrome in the Rotunda Hospital are subsequently aborted in Britain. Rather than address this problem, some abortion advocates want to permit abortion on wide grounds for babies diagnosed with disabilities – a move that is inherently discriminatory and should be opposed.

In addition to greater supports and programmes for people with disabilities, Ireland needs to restore its pro-life culture which vindicates the right of life for all people.”