Action Centre: Contact your TDs and Senators Today

Action Centre: Contact your TDs and Senators Today

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Contact your TDs and Senators Today

Supporting humane proposals for pain relief and care for babies born alive after abortion is something all politicians should be agreeing on.

The All Party Oireachtas Life and Dignity Group have just released a detailed report documenting the evidence that unborn babies feel pain before 20 weeks. The report also mentions the horrifying disclosures in the recently released UCC study confirming that babies that survived the abortion under Ireland’s new law have been left to die unaided.

Pro-life TDs and Senators are doing everything possible to shine a spotlight on the devastating reality of the new law. As pro-life volunteers, we need to get behind these efforts to ensure our elected representatives are made fully aware of what is taking place under the new law. By sending the below message to your local Oireachtas representatives, you will help ensure and ultimately help change this unjust abortion law.

Please take a minute to click below and send an instant e-card to your local Oireachtas members. When you’ve sent it, share this link with family and friends.  

Thank you for your continued support and activism.

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