Dublin North-West Constituency

Dublin North-West Constituency

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To: Oireachtas Members – Dublin North-West Constituency

Dear Oireachtas Member,

The number of Irish abortions increased from 2,879 in 2018 to more than 8,500 in 2022. *

We need to put politics aside and take stock of the devastating fact that in Ireland today for every seven babies now born, one baby has his/her life ended through abortion.

Disgracefully, the recently published Report of the Three-Year Review of the abortion law acknowledges none of this and is entirely preoccupied with opening the door to even more abortion.

The Report contains one extreme recommendation after another, including a proposal to decriminalise abortion, which would effectively permit abortion on request up to birth. It also calls for the near total suppression of freedom of conscience protections for healthcare workers.

In a stunning admission at the Oireachtas Health Committee meeting on 31st May 2023, the author of the Report confirmed that before recommending the scrapping of the three-day reflection period before an abortion, she never spoke to any of the nearly 4000 women who between 2019 and 2021 went for their first abortion appointment but didn’t go through with the abortion after the three-day wait had elapsed. It would be unconscionable to give effect to recommendations that are patently not evidence-based or the result of even-handed consideration.

The Report’s one-sided list of recommendations also fly in the face of the promises and assurances given to voters prior to the 2018 referendum.

The lives of unborn babies are being ended on an unimaginable scale under the existing law.

As my local Oireachtas representative, I call on you to oppose the recommendations contained in the Report and instead show your support for the life-affirming proposals being put forward to reduce Ireland’s soaring abortion rate that, if given effect, would bring some humanity back to an otherwise tragic situation. I would appreciate hearing from you regarding your stance and thoughts on the Report’s recommendations and the way forward.

In the next election, I will be voting for candidates based on their voting record on this hugely important life and death issue.

Yours sincerely,

* The abortion rate has increased by 120% since the new law took effect, even when factoring in the ‘pro-choice’ estimates of roughly 1,000 illegal abortion pills accessed online each year prior to repeal.

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