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use it to protect human life

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Bringing About Change at Election Time

Given Ireland’s soaring abortion numbers, we need to do everything in our power to help elect as many public representatives as possible who will speak up for life and work to reduce the abortion rate.

€46 million of taxpayers’ money was spent on abortion provision in Ireland in the past four years alone, with not a single cent of it being used to promote positive alternatives.

With more pro-life representatives elected at local and national level, we can challenge and start to change this appalling situation.

There are lots of important local and national issues competing for our vote at election time but there’s no single issue more important than the right to life. On Friday 7th June, make sure you ‘think pro-life’ before you vote!

Your vote matters – use it to protect human life.

Play Your Part

Sign up to canvass for pro-life candidates

There are excellent pro-life candidates running in the upcoming Local and European elections. The personal decisions we make whether to canvass for them or not will determine who gets elected. It’s as simple as that!

Your efforts in the 2019 local elections helped ensure new pro-life candidates were elected and that existing pro-life councillors were re-elected.

We need to build on these results in June 2024.

The pro-life candidates elected this time around will help shape the political landscape into the future. We need public reps elected who’ll work to reduce the abortion rate and ensure that positive alternatives to abortion are promoted.

Ireland desperately needs more men and women of principle in public life. Many candidates are making huge personal sacrifices in speaking up for life. In return, they deserve our wholehearted support.

PLEASE play your part to ensure more pro-life representatives are elected in June in the local elections and to help elect pro-life candidates to the European Parliament

Sign up below to canvass for candidates in the upcoming elections. After you sign up, a coordinator and/or candidate will be in touch with you very soon. Many thanks for helping out in this way!

Voter Guide 2024

Find out more about the candidates running in the local and European elections with our carefully researched list. Here you will find information regarding their stances and record on right to life issues.