Refusal of government to promote alternatives also a major issue of concern – Mulroy

Following the publication of their report on the amount of money spent on abortion provision in Ireland, the Pro Life Campaign has criticised the Government for spending “obscene amounts of taxpayers’ money” on abortion while spending nothing on promoting positive alternatives.

The PLC said they are determined to ensure abortion becomes a major election issue given Ireland’s soaring abortion rate and the fact that the Government is fully responsible for what is happening.

PLC spokesperson, Eilís Mulroy said:

“From a series of replies to parliamentary questions submitted by TDs, we have calculated and can reveal that an estimated €45,928,018 has been spent by the state on abortion provision in four and a half years, from 2019 to mid-2023. This enormous bill has been footed by the Irish taxpayer. Meanwhile, nothing has been spent on promoting positive alternatives to abortion to women in unplanned pregnancies. This is a scandal of monumental proportions. We have to and we are going to turn it into a major election issue.”

Ms Mulroy continued:

 “A cash injection of €46 million would go a long way to help reduce costs for young families and establish schemes aimed at supporting them in these challenging times.  Increasingly extreme campaigners view €46 million as money well spent, considering we’ve seen at least 34,000 abortions in the same period.  At least 8,876 abortions took place in Ireland in 2022 based on the number of reimbursement payments made to doctors for carrying out abortions over the course of the year. It represents a frightening increase in abortions since the law changed. All the indications are that the numbers for 2023 are going to be even higher.

“Meanwhile, the Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly and others in government never take a step back to assess what is happening and appear at every turn to be appeasing the most radical elements of the pro-abortion movement. It’s not just ‘No’ voters in the 2018 referendum who will be troubled to hear about the amount of taxpayers money being spent on abortion. Many of the ‘Yes’ voters who were promised by the Taoiseach that abortion would be “rare” if repeal happened will also be troubled when they realise what has transpired.

“Some members of government and the media baulk at abortion provision in Ireland being referred to as the ‘abortion industry’, but it’s hard to find fault with this description when one takes an honest look at the obscene amounts of money being spent to end the lives of unborn babies.

“When politicians come and ask us for our votes, we can ask them what they stand for in relation to life and what their track record is on that.  The only way to bring about the change that’s needed is by ensuring more TDs are elected with the courage to speak out on the issue and demand changes. We can insist that every life deserves dignity and respect and that there is always a better way than abortion.”

Read report in full here