After 19-year-old Loraine from the US took an abortion pill and regretted the decision almost immediately, she sought help to save her unborn baby.

According to, after her desperate search, she found hope and assistance from the pro-life support group First Choice Pregnancy Services.

The medical director for the Las Vegas-based pregnancy medical clinic, Dr Hadiza Hamza, took the call from Heartbeat International’s Abortion Pill Rescue® Network (APRN) hotline and spoke to the young woman.

A family member of Lorraine’s, it is alleged, pressured her into having the abortion. After taking the first abortion pill at a pro-abortion centre, she turned to her grandmother who helped her research options to reverse the effect of the abortion pill.

Talking about Lorraine’s first visit to their centre with her friend, Jessica Ancell, a member of the First Choice team said:

“Once she arrived, she went straight to the ultrasound. On the screen, (there was) a healthy, thriving six-week baby, and, music to their ears, a strong heartbeat coming from the doppler. From there, she just needed some encouraging words,”

Loraine and her baby are just one story of many where unborn babies have been saved from the deadly grip of abortion. She is also one of thousands coerced into having an abortion against their will.

There is a strong hostility in the media and corridors of power to the idea of making Abortion Pill Reversal treatment available as an option to women. We have to ignore all this ill-feeling and indifference and press ahead to ensure that women can access the treatment easily, without barriers being erected that would deny them the chance to save the life of their baby.