“The prospect of the abortion rate reaching over 10,000 is an indictment of Ireland’s abortion policy” – Mulroy

A HSE reply to a parliamentary question from Carol Nolan TD has revealed that €1,515,600 has been spent on ‘combined termination procedure and aftercare’, meaning the performance of an abortion, from June to January 2023.* As €300 is paid by the HSE’s primary care reimbursement scheme for this category of abortions performed**, it can be estimated that 5,052 abortions have already been carried out in the first six months of 2023. Responding to this revelation, Pro Life Campaign spokesperson Eilís Mulroy said:

“The indication from the HSE that between January and June this year we have already seen 5,052 abortions carried out is truly shocking. Last year, the number of abortions carried out in the first six months was roughly the same as the amount carried out in the final six months, which totalled 8,876 abortions based on payment claims.

“This suggests that if current trends for 2023 continue, it is reasonable to assume that the abortion rate will reach over 10,000. This is an indictment of Ireland’s abortion policy and clearly illustrates that women in unplanned pregnancies are being let down by the government. Some senior members of government have expressed concern at Ireland’s soaring abortion rate. It’s now time for action, not words, on exploring meaningful ways to reduce the abortion rate, or else the upwards trend will inevitably continue.”

Deputy Carol Nolan said:

“This reply clearly indicates an increased urgency around putting in place meaningful supports for those in a crisis or unplanned pregnancy. This is now a humanitarian emergency. These are not just numbers. They are human lives that are being lost on a scale that is truly horrifying.”


*Link to PQ Reference 35813/23.