An Irish woman and her unborn baby were murdered in a frenzied attack all because the baby’s father “wanted a boy”, according to evidence presented at the Old Bailey in London.

Liam Taylor, 37, stabbed his girlfriend Ailish Walsh 40 times at her home in north London, last December. Some of the stab wounds were aimed at the 22 week old unborn baby, the court heard.

In evidence, it was argued Taylor was upset about the pregnancy because the couple already had two girls and he wanted a boy.

Ms Walsh, 28, was seemingly trying to break up with Taylor at the time of the murder as he had a long history of being abusive and violent.

When Taylor was arrested by police, he’s alleged to have said: “It’s crazy how one moment of madness can change your whole life.”

The prosecution presented evidence that Taylor intended to kill the unborn baby but they did not call for a charge of child destruction as the baby was within the legal limit for abortion.

This horrifying case highlights yet again the pressure women regularly come under from partners and close relatives to abort their unborn babies. The reality of coercive abortion is one of the many taboos reinforced by the abortion industry, lest it expose the truth behind why many women end up having abortions.

Research conducted last year by Savanta ComRes for BBC Radio 4, revealed that 15% of women in the UK (aged 18-44) said that at some point in their life they experienced pressure to go through with an abortion they didn’t want to have.

The tragic death of Ailish Walsh and her unborn baby shines a light on something else too: the twisted way media headlines describe the unborn as a “baby” when it is wanted and as a “foetus” when the media are pressing the case for abortion. They run for cover when asked to explain this inconsistency.

Ailish Walsh and her unborn baby should never have died in such a dreadful way. Our thoughts and prayers are with their grieving family. May they both rest in peace.