6.1.2023 – Conor O’Dowd’s personal appeal to Professor Fergal Malone

6.1.2023 – Conor O’Dowd’s personal appeal to Professor Fergal Malone

Last Friday, Conor O’Dowd, a young man from Drogheda with Down syndrome, hand delivered a letter to Professor Fergal Malone in the Rotunda Hospital in response to Professor Malone’s recent remarks that 95% of parents who receive a diagnosis in the Rotunda that their unborn baby has Down syndrome opt for abortion.

Before Conor delivered his handwritten letter, he recorded a short video outside the Rotunda where he relayed the contents of his message to Professor Malone.

In the video, Conor says: “I love my life” and asks Professor Malone, “What are you telling parents? Tell them the truth.” He continues: “Please save babies with Down Syndrome” and adds that what’s happening is “very wrong and very unfair.”

Conor’s dad, Michael O’Dowd of Disability Voices for Life, who accompanied his son to the Rotunda told Newstalk radio in an interview earlier this week that he believes parents in these situations are being told about all the problems associated with having a child with Down Syndrome rather than being informed about a positive social model that focuses on the supports available and how young people with Down Syndrome can live a long, healthy and fulfilling life. He said: “There needs to be a change in attitude among medical professionals to the issue of disability and the contribution of people with disabilities to society.”

Watch Conor’s powerful message to Professor Malone here