5.05.2022 – It will be a momentous moment if Roe v Wade is overturned

5.05.2022 – It will be a momentous moment if Roe v Wade is overturned

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden said it would be a travesty if the US Supreme Court took away the right “to abort a child.” As is sometimes the case these days with President Biden, the truth slips out unbeknownst to him. The pro-abortion advisers that surround him were no doubt aghast that he used the word “child” in front of the nation, instead of “foetus” when describing unborn human life.

The only way the abortion movement can get by with their lies on abortion (and they know it) is by resorting to euphemisms and sophistry. The pro-life side holds a simple straightforward position that every human life has an inherent value and right to life. The pro-abortion position however holds that there should be a legal right to kill innocent and defenceless human beings. Rather than seek to defend this position, they obfuscate and twist the truth to justify their stance.

Calling pro-life people every name under the sun from “racist” to “misogynistic” is par for the course with these hardened activists and it’s going to get much more intense in the coming weeks. The fact that Supreme Court justices in the US have been assigned 24/7 security in recent days is an indication of how volatile things are becoming.

The pro-life movement should not allow the smears and threats of violence to distract us from the momentous moment that is hopefully near at hand. If the Supreme Court in the US follows through and overturns Roe v. Wade, it will mean that after almost 50 years of perseverance, sweat and tears, it’s possible once again to protect the right to life of unborn babies in the United States.

If Roe v. Wade falls, it will not lead to an outright ban on abortions in the US as President Biden and others are trying to imply. Instead it will leave it up to individual states to set their own laws on the issue.

The leak earlier this week of the draft Supreme Court opinion was a deliberately destructive move, designed to foment protest and force the justices into a climb down. The people who preach the most about being defenders of democracy are often the first to jettison it when it produces a result not to their liking. The pro-abortion movement in the US is becoming more and more extreme to the point of looking unhinged. They may still have the media on their side but if they’re not careful, they stand to lose support in large parts of Middle America that had been drifting in their direction in recent years.

We should take heart in Ireland from the latest developments in the US. There can be no celebration however until the decision is formally announced by the court. Let’s hope and pray it comes soon and that nothing happens in the meantime to thwart or change the outcome.