Amidst all the death and destruction in the Ukraine, baby Mia was born a few days ago in a Kyiv subway-turned-bomb shelter.

Hanna Hopko, a former member of the Ukrainian Parliament, posted the happy news on Facebook, along with a picture of the newborn. “Mia was born this night in stressful environment – bombing of Kyiv,” she wrote. “Her mom is happy after this challenging birth giving and immediately departing to shelter.”

Mia’s 23-year-old mum was assisted by police, who rushed to help after hearing her screams. After the delivery in the bomb shelter, both mother and baby were taken to the local hospital, where latest reports suggest they are doing well.

There are no words to describe the unimaginable suffering and carnage taking place in Ukraine. The sight of a newborn baby however is always a blessing and a reminder of the victory of life over death.

Our fervent thoughts and prayers are with everyone caught up in the hellish nightmare that’s going on. Let’s hope and pray it comes to a very speedy end.