More than 10,000 women had to undergo hospital treatment after accessing abortion pills in England between April 2020 and September 2021, according to a new study.

The information was collated following 85 Freedom of Information requests to NHS Trusts. The research points out that 1 in 17 women who had a medical abortion during this period required hospital treatment.

Researcher Kevin Duffy, who compiled the data, said: “This is the disturbing truth of abortion care during the pandemic that has not been reported to the Government by providers”.

“This investigation exposes the reality of what thousands of women experiencing crisis pregnancies have been through during the pandemic. It demonstrates clearly what needs to change and why the government must not make DIY home abortion telemedicine permanent. The time to end it is now well overdue”.

The HSE has admitted that it has not been compiling information on the adverse effects of DIY home abortions in Ireland since telemedicine home abortions were given the green light by the Minister for Health following the Covid outbreak. It is reckless in the extreme the way pro-abortion groups are calling for at home abortions to be sanctioned indefinitely despite the evidence coming to light in other jurisdictions showing how dangerous and detrimental to women’s health DIY home abortions have proven.