Last week, a video emerged of a dad from Bournemouth, England being questioned by police for praying silently outside an abortion clinic for his dead son who was aborted.

The footage shows the police officer intrusively asking Adam Smith-Connor: “What is the nature of your prayer?”

When Adam responds that he’s praying for his son who had been aborted, the police officer tells him he is in breach of the UK’s Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO).

The video has gone viral like the footage before Christmas (watched by millions) showing pro-life volunteer Isabel Vaughn-Spruce being arrested for silently praying outside an abortion clinic in Birmingham.

At last, people are getting an opportunity to see how ludicrous exclusion zone laws (so called ‘safe access zones’) are in practice. While the Government here still intends pressing ahead with introducing an equally draconian law in Ireland targeting pro-life people, there’s still time to stop it from happening. It’s vital that we do everything possible to oppose this out-and-out attack on basic freedoms.

Watch and share this latest video showing Adam Smith-Connor being questioned by the police.