A pregnant mum has revealed that her unborn baby “saved her life” after an ultrasound scan of her womb revealed early-stage cancer.

Megan McQuade from Teesside told BBC Radio Tees that everything was progressing well until she found some light bleeding when she was around six weeks pregnant.

When she visited her local hospital, the sonographer discovered a shadow on her bladder and advised her to have it investigated.

Megan said that she was so “overjoyed” at seeing her baby for the first time, she completely forgot about the shadow mentioned by the sonographer.

When she returned for her next check-up however she said the sonographer’s “tone completely changed” when she looked at the scan. Within a few weeks, Megan was diagnosed with early-stage cancer of the bladder.

The next decision she had to make was the kind of treatment she received and whether it would adversely impact on her unborn baby.

The operation she opted for did not interfere with the pregnancy and referring to the cancer the doctors told her that “everything has gone really well, we managed to get it all out” and that no further treatment was needed at this time.

Megan said: “I still get a bit tearful – it was the best possible news I could have had.”

Her baby is due in July. Let’s hope and pray both mother and baby thrive and that Megan continues to get the all clear and requires no further treatment.