24.06.2022 – BREAKING NEWS: Roe v Wade overturned – a momentous development for the right to life

24.06.2022 – BREAKING NEWS: Roe v Wade overturned – a momentous development for the right to life

The Supreme Court of the United States of America has today released the Dobbs v Jackson opinion which overturns Roe v Wade, the court case which legalised abortion across America. 

Commenting after the Dobbs v. Jackson court decision was announced, Eilís Mulroy of the Pro Life Campaign said: “Today’s decision is a momentous development for the right to life. It means that for the first time in almost 50 years, it is possible once again to legally protect unborn babies in the United States.”

She continued: “Since the Roe v Wade decision in 1973, there have been over 60 million legal abortions performed in the US. Such a shockingly tragic figure cannot be explained away by simply repeating the ‘right to choose’ mantra. It calls for something much deeper and reflective. Something however that’s been noticeably absent from much of the media coverage since the leak about the Supreme Court decision emerged is an even-handed assessment of what prompted the court to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Ms Mulroy said: “Most media commentators are quick to indulge in ad hominem attacks on the pro-life movement instead of taking a fair and honest look at the compelling personal and cultural reasons that contributed to today’s decision.

“Among the key influencers of the abortion debate in the US in recent years are women who talk openly about their abortions and the devastating impact it has had on their lives. Hundreds of thousands of young people from across the US attend the annual March for Life which takes place every January in Washington DC. Aside from the huge numbers it attracts, the very personal way many of these young people have been impacted by abortion is unmistakable. Some speak openly about how they were almost aborted and how their mothers changed their minds at the last minute and decided to continue the pregnancy. The impact for many of knowing these truths about themselves has been life changing.

“The blinkered way in which some members of the media close ranks in defence of legal abortion has resulted in large areas of the debate being overlooked and the significance of what it represents being missed. With 95% of media coverage on abortion favouring the pro-choice position, there are a lot of information gaps to be filled if the public are to be presented with a more accurate account of what actually led to today’s Supreme Court decision.

“The debate taking place in the US on abortion is not all that dissimilar to the debate that has been happening in Ireland. Ultimately, it comes down to the value we place on human life as a society. Those who campaigned for repeal of the Eighth Amendment in Ireland like to think of the issue as settled. But as the debate in the US shows the issue is far from settled.

“Ireland’s spiralling abortion rate (with over 20,000 abortions since the law changed in 2019) and the fact that the Government won’t even concede to ensuring humanitarian pain relief is given to unborn babies prior to late term abortions brings home the reality of what has been introduced here.

“It should of course be noted that today’s decision of the US Supreme Court will not lead to an immediate and outright ban on abortions across the US as President Biden and others have falsely implied. Instead, it will leave it up to individual states to set their own laws on the issue.

“The overturning of Roe v Wade is going to be misrepresented and attacked in the coming days. Of that there is little doubt. But overtime I believe it will have a significant impact, not just in the US but also on the debate here in Ireland, resulting in many people questioning the new abortion regime that exists in this country, in a way that hasn’t happened before now.”