23.10.2015: Abortion pill bus “grossly irresponsible and life-endangering,” says Sherlock

23.10.2015: Abortion pill bus “grossly irresponsible and life-endangering,” says Sherlock

Abortion pill bus

Abortion pill bus “grossly irresponsible and life-endangering,” says Sherlock

The Pro Life Campaign has said the organisers of the abortion pill bus which will be driven around Ireland for the next few days are acting in a grossly irresponsible way and are putting the lives of women in real danger.

Deputy Chairperson of the Pro Life Campaign Cora Sherlock said:

“This abortion pill bus is nothing more than a cheap publicity stunt at the expense of real debate and those behind it are showing total disregard for women’s health and the right to life of unborn babies. Obviously the real motivation of the stunt is to garner media attention and use this publicity to further misrepresent the 8th Amendment and all that is positive about this life-saving constitutional provision. It is particularly disturbing that a member of the Oireachtas, Ruth Coppinger, is giving her full backing to this grossly irresponsible and life-endangering project.

“While the abortion campaigners on the bus have plenty to say about wanting unrestricted access to abortion in Ireland, they look the other way whenever confronted with stories of abortion regret or the inherent and irreplaceable value of every human life, including the unborn child.

Ms Sherlock concluded:

“In every abortion, an unborn child loses his or her life and a woman runs the risk of serious physical or psychological harm. It is simply appalling that something so serious would be reduced to a cheap publicity stunt like the bus trip that will be taking place in the coming days.”